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Acemannan: a Natural Gastroprotectant


Acemannan is a complex polysaccharide found inAloe Arborescens and Aloe Vera, and because of its unique composition, it is attributed with a variety of beneficial properties.

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Acemannan, what is it?

L’acemannan (or acetylated mannan) is a glycosaminoglycan D-isomer extracted from the leaves of the

Aloe barbadensis

and Aloe arborescens miller but which can also be found in ginseng and shiitake mushrooms.

Properties of Acemannan?

Acemannan has strong immunostimulatory and antiviral properties, which have also been demonstrated in scientific studies where it was noted that, through a stimulation of the production of ‘
, promotes the prevention and eradication of infections of viral origin.

In addition, this polysaccharide is used as a remedy for gastrointestinal disorders, being able to create a kind of coating along the walls of the stomach and intestines, which are thus protected.

Currently the
is often used in Veterinary Medicine in the treatment of fibrosarcome in dogs and cats.

foglia aloe vera

Acemannan, what is it used for?

As we have seen above, this important polysaccharide can perform several functions in our body and provide several benefits, especially immunostimulants and gastroprotectants.

Its activity in protecting the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines proves to be very important in cases of
stomach acidity
e gastroesophageal reflux.

Indeed, the coating it creates along the walls of the stomach and intestines help to improve nutrient absorption and facilitate the disposal of toxins accumulated along the digestive tract.

Acemannan also offers properties
, antifungal e

L’Acemannan also proves to be an excellent ally for the treatment of infections external, giving aloe vera in particular that beneficial healing effect in cases of small ulcers, burns and scalds as well as in response to mosquito bites.

Especially when contained in
aloe vera gel
this polysaccharide is combined with a high intake of minerals and vitamins, which can further enhance its action.

Acemannan and Aloe: a natural gastroprotectant

As explained above, theAcemannan is a polysaccharide naturally contained in the Aloe Vera Gel and which, due to its composition, once ingested it passes through the digestive system without being destroyed and thus is absorbed intact so that it can exert itshealing effect.

These polysaccharides also give the gel-like appearance to the
Aloe Vera gel
but they are also the main cause of deterioration due to bacterial attack. Therefore, the production process includes a very important stabilization step for the gel at the plant harvest stage.

It is therefore necessary to know how to choose the right Aloe Vera Gel to drink or to use on the skin as a cosmetic, tending to be from a quality raw material that is as unprocessed as possible so that it contains high percentages of acemannan.

gastroprotettore naturale

Which Aloe to choose for Reflux?

The choice of the best
Aloe Supplement for Reflux
is surely to be found in the intrinsic quality of the raw material used in the
Aloe Vera Juice Production

In fact, the more a raw material is processed and treated, as in the case of industrial Aloe Vera juices made from Aloe powder (Dehydrated Aloe Juice) or Concentrated Aloe Juice, the more it is at risk of losing valuable

It is therefore important to choose an Aloe Vera Juice obtained from.
Italian Aloe Leaves
, also to support a supply chain that is becoming increasingly important, so as to be sure about the quality of the finished product.

This is the case with our
Aloe Vera and Aloe Arborescens Juices
, which through laboratory analysis have demonstrated a
optimal concentration
concentration of Acemannan.

In fact, our Aloe Vera juice can contain up to 0.48% Acemannan while our Aloe Arborescens Juice, famous for having a higher concentration of active ingredients and nutrients, can contain up to 0.58% Acemannan.

succo puro di aloe vera

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