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Organic Propolis

We are also beekeepers: thanks to our hives scattered in various strategic points of the Trieste Karst, we produce different varieties of certified organic whole Honey, Bee Pollen and Propolis.

Vonderweid Hives

Italian Organic Propolis

ūüćĮ La nostra anima di azienda agricola vera e pura, con un innato amore per la terra ed i suoi meccanismi vitali, si spiega tutta nei nostri Prodotti dell’Alveare.


ūüźĚ Grazie alle nostre¬†arnie¬†sparse in diversi¬†punti strategici del¬†Carso¬†Triestino, produciamo diverse variet√† di prodotti come il¬†Miele integrale, il¬†Polline¬†e la¬†Propoli Bio, tutti¬†certificati biologici.



Organic Propolis ūüźĚ

The  line of Organic Beehives products  was born from the desire born in 2010 to also become beekeepers .

Tasting our Italian Organic Propolis, it will be possible to savor the passion and tradition that accompany the VonDerWeid company, combined with the unmistakable taste of the Karst region near Trieste.


ape bottinatrice

Propolis Collection

The propolis is a substance resinous and balsamic that bees collect from certain types of trees such as poplar, oak, alder, birch, fir, pine and chestnut.


This resinous substance is then processed with its own enzymes  and salivary juices and then used to defend the hive from health and climatic problems.

ape con polline
propoli biologica italiana


Any slit or interstice that is smaller than the size of a worker bee (the worker bee is smaller than both the drones, the males, and the queen) is sealed with propolis in order to avoid the passage of other animals , air , humidity or whatever.

Antibiotic and Natural Disinfectant

Propolis is the only medicine (a natural antibiotic) and the only disinfectant available to bees.

Bees or foreign animals that have died in the hive, and cannot be transported outside, are literally embalmed with propolis . Covered with this substance, they do not in fact rot and will no longer represent a health risk for the colony.

propoli biologica
trasporto del polline

Building Material

With heat, propolis becomes¬†malleable¬†and¬†sticky¬†.¬†For bees it is therefore useful for “plastering”, “whitening”, sealing, embalming or building, in particular when mixed with¬†wax¬†, which increases its plasticity even at lower temperatures.

Organic Beekeeping:
what does it mean?

ūüźĚ Per quanto riguarda le norme in materia di apicoltura biologica, il Regolamento specifica che:


  • Per prima cosa tutti gli apiari devono essere condotti secondo il metodo di allevamento biologico. √ą fondamentale che nel raggio di 3 km dal luogo in cui si trovano vi siano coltivazioni biologiche e flora principalmente spontanea.


  • Le arnie e il materiale utilizzato in apicoltura sono fabbricati essenzialmente in materiali naturali.


  • Inoltre, non √® permesso nessun tipo di trattamento chimico: particolarmente importante nella lotta alla Varroa destructor, per la quale utilizziamo solo prodotti naturali e tecniche di gestione delle famiglie, come la sospensione di covata.

What is Propoliscomposed of?

Propolis is composed largely from  resins  and balsams (50%), wax (25%),  volatile essential oils (10%),  pollen  (5%), organic material and mineral (5%).

Very important are also  flavonoids  which, enhanced by the presence of anti-inflammatories and vitamins ( C, E, B1, B2, B6, PP ), perform an important  protective action on blood capillaries.

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Organic Propolis


From our Apiaries, Organic Propolis .

propoli tintura madre
Propolis: what is it?
  • The¬†Propolis¬†is a resinous substance that bees collect from the¬†buds¬†and from the¬†bark¬†of some plants and is known to be a¬†¬†natural antibiotic¬†¬†that promotes the health of the respiratory tract.
 Useful for?
  • At¬†Propolis¬†it is attributed an Antibacterial¬†,¬†¬†Antibiotic¬†,¬†¬†Antimicrobial¬†¬†and¬†¬†Antiviral activity thanks to the synergic effect of the substances present in its interior, which is estimated to be more than 300. It is for this reason that it is used as a natural remedy for the Immune System.