Aloe Arborescens – Friar’s Recipe without Alcohol PET ls

Aloe Arborescens – Friar’s Recipe without Alcohol PET ls


Our most successful product made according to the Friar’s Traditional Recipe, but without alcohol.

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ALOE ARBORESCENS SENZA ALCOL (Aloe arborescens without alcohol) is a fresh, organic, natural remedy with Aloe arborescens as the main ingredient. It is made respecting the traditional Friar’s Brazilian Recipe, but without wheat spirit, making this product suitable for individuals who caannot ingest alcoholic substances.

Rich in vitamins, amino acids and other precious nutrients, improves body’s natural defenses and general wellness, helping mitigate the ailments that bother our everyday life.

It contains honey, which enhance the effects of some important elements of Aloe Arborescens and keeps the product fresh naturally.

HPP (High Pressure Processing)

We are the only ones to use an innovative procedure for the conservation of our products, which doesn’t involve the utilization of chemical additives or high temperatures. In fact, the High Pressure Processing, it’s a “cold process” which pressurize the product and clears out any bacterial load, while maintaining its properties and organoleptic characteristics unchanged.
You will never find chemical additives or preservatives inside our products.
Our most successful product without alcohol

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20 cm

PET bottle 500ml

What contains

Fresh, whole leaf of Aloe Arborescens, finely minced


Certified Organic

All ingredients are Made in Italy


Does not contain Alcohol

Useful for...

Aloe Arborescens (whole leaf) helps the digestive process and body purification.

Helps intestinal and liver functions.

The fresh whole leaf contains an extremely rich mix of vitamins, polysaccharides and amino acids.

Suitable for individuals who (for reasons of age, physiology, lifestyle or taste) cannot/will not assume Alcohol.