Detox Pack

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Two 500 ml PET bottles of Aloe Arborescens Classic and one bottle (50 capsules) of BioMaca at a special price.



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A special offer dedicated to everyone who wants a detoxifying program and restore energy and strength, often debased by everyday stress.

The pack contains two 500 mlPET bottles of ALOE ARBORESCENS CLASSICA (Aloe arborescens classic), our fresh, natural remedy made respecting the traditional Friar’s Brazilian Recipe, with Aloe arborescens, honey and wheat spirit, all organic, and a 50 capsules bottle of BIOMACA, the dietary supplement made with Maca (Lepidium mejenii walp), a root that grows in Peru which is an adaptogen, tonic and stimulant remedy. It is ideal to reinforce metabolism and enhance energy in case of mental and physical fatigue.

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