DRK Collagen

DRK Collagen


Anti-oxidant and anti-aging nutritional supplement based on marine collagen, Rosa canina and hyaluronic acid sodium salt.

Comes in a metal can for food products. Measuring spoon included.

Net weight 160 g.

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DRK Collagen is a dietary supplement in the form of good tasting powder, to dissolve in fresh water.

Its first ingredient is collagen, one of the main structural elements of human skin (about 70%), bones, ligaments and connective tissues. This is the reason why it is so effective in fighting skin ageing, while in time our body tends to produce less and less of this fundamental substance. The collagen used in DRK is extracted from food-destined fish and it is easy to absorb.

DRK COLLAGEN also contains dried extract of Rosa canina fructus, an element with proven antioxidant and restorative properties. In DRK COLLAGEN, it is present as dried extract, containing 70% of vitamin C. Vitamin C increases collagen production and helps reducing fatigue.

Hyaluronic acid sodium salt is a fundamental component of all human tissues and it has an essential role in skin hydration and elasticity.


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