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Colloidal gold, what is it and what is it for?

colloidal gold

Colloidal gold, what is it and what is it for?


What is colloidal gold and what is it used for? Let’s try to clarify!

Gold, like copper and silver, is a mineral used since ancient times for therapeutic purposes.
Among the first we find the Egyptians, who used it to purify body, mind and spirit. For this purpose, alchemical gold was used, which was able to act in a beneficial way on many diseases. It was in fact considered an elixir of life.


Nowadays it is possible to find gold in colloidal form.

Colloidal minerals are very fine particles of noble metals (gold, silver, copper) dispersed in pure deionized water.

The color of colloidal gold can vary from transparent yellow to transparent red / pink, depending on the concentration and size of the particles and can be used to alleviate many ailments.


This type of metal has historically been used to counteract anxiety and fear disorders, and therefore to promote emotional stability and increase concentration.

In fact, it acts as a super conductor by improving the transmission of nerve impulses.

Its benefits are invaluable at all ages, from students to workers, as they help improve mental, physical and energy performance.

Furthermore, it can help improve the moods of people suffering from low vibrational levels, such as depression, sadness, anxiety and frustration, inducing a feeling of relaxation and security.

It regulates blood circulation and heart functions, increases the immune system and strengthens the body’s natural defenses.


Colloidal gold, which can be used for both internal and topical use, has several functions. Including:


1.Improves brain function

In fact, it acts in a beneficial way on concentration and attention. By acting as a super conductor it improves the transmission of nerve impulses.


2. It has anti-inflammatory properties
In fact, administering it as a supplement helps relieve pain.
It is also advisable to take it in case of pain caused by rheumatic diseases, arthritis and tendonitis.
To increase its effect, it can be taken in conjunction with colloidal copper, which is also excellent for these disorders

3. Anti-inflammatory action
Its anti-inflammatory action is widely used to rinse the mouth and purify the nasal passages.


4. Reduces Stress
It acts in a beneficial way on the mechanisms that cause stress, helping to feel more relaxed.
This is why it is also recommended in cases of anxiety and mild depression, as well as for mood imbalances, helping to bring it back into balance.
(which is why it is called a humoral tonic).


5. Improve digestion
Of great help to alleviate and alleviate digestive tract disorders, especially thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, which act in a beneficial way on pain, burning and swelling.
In this case, its benefits are particularly enhanced when taken together with Aloe (mainly Aloe Vera, as it is more delicate)

6. Rejuvenating properties
Colloidal gold, thanks to its ability to act directly on cells, has a strong antioxidant action. In fact, an excellent anti-aging has always been definitive, and is often used in gels or creams to counteract the advancement of age.

In addition, it has a regenerating function on the skin, thus helping to reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles, blemishes and acne marks (in case of acute acne, a topical treatment with colloidal silver is recommended).


7. Improves the absorption of various elements
Including: magnesium, oxygen, phosphorus, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin D and vitamin E.
All extremely important elements for the body.


Colloidal gold tends to have undesirable effects only in people allergic to gold.

It is therefore a natural substance, with no added chemical additives.

I hope I have been able to explain to you at least a little what colloidal gold is and what it is for, keep in mind that what I have listed are just some of its fantastic properties!

If you want to try them for yourself, click here and discover the colloidal gold produced directly in our VonDerWeid laboratories!


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