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Italian Honey

We are also beekeepers: thanks to our hives scattered in various strategic points of the Trieste Karst, we produce different varieties of certified Raw and Whole Honey, Bee Pollen and Propolis.

Vonderweid Hives

Raw Honey

🍯 Our soul of a true and pure farm , with an innate love for the land and its vital mechanisms, is all explained in our Products of the Hive.


🐝 Thanks to our hives  scattered in different  strategic points of the   Triestine Karst , we produce different varieties of Raw and Whole honey , pollen and propolis .

miele biologico italiano

Italian Whole Honey
from the Trieste Karst 🐝

The  line of Hives products  was born from the desire born in 2010 to also become beekeepers.


Tasting our Italian Honey, it will be possible to savor the passion and tradition that accompany the VonDerWeid company, combined with the unmistakable taste of the Karst region near Trieste.

apicoltori biologici

We raise our bees in uncontaminated areas of the Trieste and Gorizia Karst

Our bees live in different uncontaminated areas of the Karst and the Trieste Coast and produce a very high quality honey, with a peculiar taste given by the territory in which it is extracted.

Our bees are raised with sustainable methods

The natural farming method bans the use of any chemical treatment. This is particularly important because in the fight against Varoa we use only natural products and family management techniques such as brood suspension.



The Karst is an arid territory where a strong north-east wind often blows, called the “Bora“. These particular geoclimatic conditions make the plants that inhabit it very rich in active ingredients and essential oils.

Honey extraction

The honey extraction, which is the final stage of production, takes place directly in our headquarters.

Le nostre api
miele certificato biologico


Once the honey extraction is complete, we put all the honey in our special jars.

Passion and Innovation

Our products

Italian honey


Acacia (Robinia) is a resistant plant with a wonderful spring flowering.

It gives a limpid and very clear color, almost transparent honey. The taste is discreet, slightly fruity, with a delicate acidulous hint.

Miele del Carso BIO – Acacia 450g
What is it?
  • The Karst Honey, whole virgin and Raw, is treated raw rather than pasteurized, thus preserving all its precious natural nutrients.

  • Ideal for sweetening tea and herbal teas without covering their taste. Excellent source of energy immediately assimilable. It goes well with fresh or low-aged cheeses. Excellent base for natural cosmetic recipes.



From our bees, a raw honey that embodies the scent of wild lime trees.

What is it?
  • The wild lime trees start flowering in the first days of June and give a clear and limpid honey, with a sweet and fruity flavor.


  • Natural Karst Honey, Whole virgin and Raw, is treated raw rather than pasteurized, thus preserving all its precious natural nutrients.
  • Excellent table honey, it gives a particular aroma to desserts, enriches sweet and sour sauces and is also excellent with cheeses.
  • Linden honey brings with it the beneficial characteristics of the plant’s flowers, which have calming, relaxing and protective properties of the liver.
Karst honey


From our bees, a raw WildFlower honey that contains Dandelion, Marasca, Robinia (Acacia) and Bramble.

Miele del Carso BIO – Millefiori
What is it?
  • From plants with a prevalence of pollen associated with Dandelion, Marasca, Robinia (Acacia) and Bramble, a fluid honey with a delicate and light taste is born.
  • Dandelion, which gives a pungent and characteristic taste, is well mitigated by the other notes present within the honey.
  • Marasca pollens give a bitter contribution reminiscent of almonds.
  • Acacia, on the other hand, gives a discreet taste, with a delicate acidulous tip.
  • The Bramble gives a dark note that pleasantly refers to the ripening of the fruit.
  • The Karst Honey, Whole virgin and Raw, is treated raw rather than pasteurized, thus preserving all its precious natural nutrients.