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Agricultural Enterprise VonDerWeid

We have been cultivating respect for the land, with passion and innovation for more than 20 years.

Our Vision

We believe in health and well-being that come from a positive approach to life, so we try to cultivate respecting nature, to produce in a sustainable way and to develop products that can help people increase their energy.


Our company history began in 1997 when the current owner, Maurizio de Vonderweid, began to cultivate Aloe Arborescens with an experimental cultivation on the windy coast of Trieste.


In 2000, due to the adverse climatic conditions on the Trieste coast for the cultivation of Aloe, we decided to transfer the cultivation to Sicily, in Valderice, a few meters from the sea. In this ecosystem, plants were able to find ideal climatic conditions and grow in an uncontaminated environment.


In 2003, the company obtained the authorization for the production of food supplements, and it is from here that the development of Vonderweid supplements based on Aloe begins.


In 2010, the company decided to expand its product lines by researching & developing new natural remedies. It is from here that we began to produce Colloidal Silver, purchasing an innovative and certified machinery in America that allowed us to produce qualitative and safe colloidal solutions.


Parallel to the development of new natural remedies, the company has never stopped cultivating and selecting the best varieties of Aloe, until it reached the largest open-air cultivation of Aloe Arborescens in Italy, to which we also added an Aloe Vera plantation.


In 2017, we decided to purchase and renovate a warehouse where our new headquarters are built. Thanks to this important step, we have managed to increase the company organization and production capacity.

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“Year after year, since 1997, we have been trying to improve the quality of our products, with care and respect for the raw materials used”

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Our history is constantly evolving

Starting, as often happens, with a very small perspective we found ourselves having to face the numerous requests from the market for natural products and cures.It is also thanks to you and the trust you give us by purchasing our products, that we can carry out our project.

Aloe Arborescens and Aloe Vera

Our cultivation

The flagship of the company is certainly its cultivation of Aloe.

Located in Sicily in the open air, a few meters from the sea, it has been treated according to the principles and ethics of sustainable farming for more than 20 years.


Our Aloe Arborescens cultivation is located in Sicily, near the sea, in an uncontaminated environment where our plants can grow with all the energy they need. The ecosystem in which the plants grow is very important to ensure that the plants can produce a gel rich in nutritional values ​​and active principles.

Started in 2000 ′ with 2500 plants, the cultivation has then developed over the years to meet the numerous requests from the market for products based on Aloe, until reaching its maximum capacity, with more than 7,000 plants. For this reason, the company has decided to expand its cultivation with a new field, to which we have also added the Aloe Vera variety.

Aloe Vera

Starting with the cultivation of Aloe Arborescens which allowed us to develop a unique know-how in the sector, we then used this knowledge also for the cultivation of Aloe Vera. Although we try to prefer Arborescens over Vera as, despite its slower development and its concentration of principles, it is a more commercial plant than Aloe Arborescens, with faster and larger leaf growth than with Arborescens but at the same time with less concentration of active ingredients, we cultivate it with the same respect and care.

How does the Aloe plant work?

Do you want to know more about how Aloe Arborescens and Aloe Vera work and our unique protocol at the base of our production chain?