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We are also beekeepers: thanks to our hives scattered in various strategic points of the Trieste Karst, we produce different varieties of whole Honey, Bee Pollen and Propolis.

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Natural Beekeeping

🍯 Our soul of a true and pure farm , with an innate love for the land and its vital mechanisms, is all explained in our Products of the Hive.


🐝 Thanks to our hives  scattered in different  strategic points of the   Trieste Karst , we produce different varieties of whole honey , pollen and propolis .


Discover our Honey from the Karst, Whole and Virgin.


Officially recognized by the German Federal Council of Health as a medicine due to its properties, Pollen is a complete food with a myriad of  benefits .


The  propolis  is a substance  resinous  and  balsamic  that bees collect from certain types of trees such as poplar, oak, alder, birch, fir, pine and chestnut.

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