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Growing Aloe in Jordan? Discover the mission of AloeVonderweid

aloe jordan

Growing Aloe in Jordan? Discover the mission of AloeVonderweid

In this article we would like to tell you about the experience with Aloe Vera that AloeVonderweid was able to do in Jordan.

It all started in 2020 when the owner, Maurizio de Vonderweid, was contacted by the John Paul II Foundation, a foundation that, among the various humanitarian aid projects financed around the world, is also involved in the development of the cultivation of Aloe in Jordan .

Now you are wondering: what do we have to do with Jordan?

The answer is easy: there are not many professionals in Europe who can boast twenty years of experience in the cultivation of Aloe Vera like Maurizio de Vonderweid . It is precisely this proven experience that prompted the Giovanni Paolo Foundation to get in touch with Maurizio , in order to request practical and direct advice on the progress of the cultivation project in Jordan , from an agricultural and transformation point of view .

aloe vera giordania
Maurizio de Vonderweid, at an Aloe farm in the Jordanian desert


Aloe Vera exists in the Middle East since time immemorial, just think that is mentioned in the beauty products used by Cleopatra , and were apparently known its benefits even at the time of the Nabataeans . However, it had never been treated like a chain of values, with the potential to bring substantial improvements in their rural economy of the country.


The project financed by the John Paul II Foundation is part of the “ Small Farmers ” program and is aimed at improving the quality and sustainability of the organizational and strategic management of small rural businesses related to the production of Aloe Vera in Jordan .


The strategy adopted to achieve the expected results passes both through training activities for the development of cultivation of ‘ Aloe (the exchange of best practices in the areas of management and control of agricultural supply chain management , of productions high quality and eco-friendly ) that is through commercial training activities ( commercial strategies and access to national and international market channels ).


The intent is precisely to develop know-how among Jordanian farmers  so that once the Project is finished they can manage the entire supply chain internally, without external help.

small farmers aloe
Fatima, an Aloe grower


The project was born in spring 2018 , when the Giovanni Paolo Foundation through Fabio Ammar , responsible for the Project in Jordan , planted the first units at the Ghor Madsous Cooperative , in the Jordan Valley .


Fabio Amma r, a person with renowned experience in the field of missions abroad for humanitarian cooperation, managed, starting from scratch in 2018, to involve 17 production companies scattered throughout the Jordanian territory in the project .


About 40,000 Aloe Vera plants have been planted , which have adapted to the territory and then developed the suckers that can be planted in turn, thus extending the plots. A processing unit has also been created where the precious gel can be extracted from the leaves , an ingredient required by the international market for the production of cosmetic , nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products . 


“An example of how Aloe is helping the Jordanians is that of Fatima , a 54-year-old woman who lives in Mafraq Governorate , a typically Bedouin area on the border with Syria .”

Fatima , driven by the desire to improve the life of her eldest son, had organized a small village association, with the aim of facilitating recreational and educational activities for the boys. As soon as she became aware of the opportunity deriving from the Aloe projectfunded by the Foundation , Fatima did not hesitate for a single moment to integrate the project and in October 2018 the Foundation planted 250 plantswith herin the small land behind her home. .


The plants came to be strong and healthy and the Foundation through training activities taught women the techniques of processing Aloe , to allow them to process the leaves and make galenic products such as soap, gels, creams, hair oil, transforming the kitchens in small processing workshops.


Fatima has rolled up her sleeves and today produces 7 different products based on aloe vera , which it sells in local markets and extends its market through word of mouth from its customers, who are very satisfied with the quality of its products.


The Aloe crops in Jordan are scattered along the territory of the country, and are climates and soils very different from each other.


If in fact the North of Jordan is a fairly wooded area , with a good availability of water and a mild-hot climate during the year, the South of Jordan is instead a predominantly desert area , with a very hot climate throughout. year and with a scarce availability of water.

progetto small farmers
Fatima, in her Aloe Vera cultivation


As previously mentioned, the owner Maurizio de Vonderweid traveled to Jordan with the aim of providing advice on the territory in relation to the state and development of the project . 


In the space of 2 weeks , Maurizio was able to actively visit all the Cooperatives and give important operational advice thanks to his experience, both in terms of cultivation and processing techniques .


Evaluating and analyzing the growth of Aloe Vera plants , in a territory and in a soil totally different from the soil where AloeVonderweid grows its Aloe in Sicily , was certainly important to understand more and more how the growth of this wonderful plant works .


If in fact the soil in Sicily is a classic clayey soil , seeing Aloe plants grow in the desert sand was certainly a surprise .


Here is his testimony :

It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to make myself useful for this interesting project, the reality that Fabio managed to build in such a short time is truly remarkable, I must say that I was particularly impressed by the small associations of women who with an excellent entrepreneurial spirit have managed to grasp the core of this project and transform small patches of land into earning possibilities and emancipation. With Fabio we have worked to optimize the quality of the products that are made as well as the management of small crops and I must say that we are always were welcomed with great availability, interest and warmth.I plan to return in March to visit these realities to understand how useful my work has been and to be able to make a small contribution to the realization of this beautiful story. "

aloe vera gel
Maurizio de Vonderweid

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