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How to Prepare Father Zago’s Recipe? Find out ingredients, doses and more!

father romano zago recipe

In this article, we’re going to share with you Father Zago’s Aloe Recipe and the correct dosage.

Knowing the Friar’s Recipe, made with Aloe arborescens, is very useful to achieve long-term results.


Where Does the Recipe Come From?

The origin of the Recipe can be found in the Favelas, the Brazilian slums, where people were so poor they couldn’t afford medicines to cure cancer and other pathologies.

This simple recipe has been passed down from generation to generation in the Favelas and then, by word of mouth, Father Zago had the luck to learn about its existence.

In time, the Brazilian friar tested the effectiveness of the recipe on cancer patients, but also on people affected by the most common ailments.

Once certain of the outstanding properties of the recipe, Father Zago decided to share the discovery with the entire world, with his famous book “Cancer Can Be Cured”.



Father Zago’s Recipe: Ingredients


The great success of the formula comes from three fundamental ingredients:


  • Aloe arborescens leaf, 350 g (about 3-10 leaves, depending on their length):
  • 500 g (half a kg) of high quality honey, preferably organic.
  • 30 ml (about an espresso cup) of Whisky (Tequila, Cognac or Grappa are also fine).

If you want, you can mix the ingredients varying the quantities, with the advantage of always making a fresher, more effective remedy. When you want to add some more of one ingredient, just be sure to reduce the quantity of the others.



The easiest thing is to split the amount of each ingredient in half, this way:

  • 175 g Aloe arborescens leaf;
  • 250 g organic honey;
  • 15 ml Whisky (or Tequila/Cognac/Grappa)

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How to Prepare Father Zago’s Recipe


The best way to start is with a plant having leaves 40 cm long, or more (plants older than five years).

Choose the leaves carefully (avoiding yellow ones, since they are usually too old), and remove the dust. The remedy should be prepared immediately after the harvest, because Aloe leaves, once cut, tend to lose very quickly their properties. This is a very common characteristic among medical plants.


Put the three ingredients in a blender and mix to obtain a green, creamy, but not too dense substance. Pour it in a dark jar, so the light cannot filter through the glass, and put it in the refrigerator (do not put it in the freezer).

Doses and indicated number of leaves are approximate. The remedy should be taken on an empty stomach, to guarantee the best assimilation of its active principles.

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Daily Dose of Father Zago’s Recipe Remedy


Father Zago’s book suggests taking a full spoon on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before the main meals. It is also recommended not to drink water or other liquids within at least 30 minutes after the assumption, to let Aloe arborescens and the other constituents take effect.

This remedy should be taken three times a day, every day, until the jar is empty.

After the first cycle, you can wait 7-10 days before starting with a new jar. However, the pause is not mandatory: choose freely, basing upon your needs.

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