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Valerian Mother Tincture: properties and benefits

valeriana tintura madre

La Valerian (Valeriana Officinalis L.). is an angiosperm (flowering) plant belonging to the Caprifoliaceae family and widely used in Phytotherapy and Herbalism for its calming properties.

Let’s find out more about it.

Valerian Mother Tincture: benefits and properties

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Valeriana Officinalis, what is it?

La Valeriana Officinalis is the best known plant within the genus
, consisting of more than 150 species, and is not to be confused with the related Valeriana salad, which is mainly used in food as a salad.

The plant is characterized by its erect stem furrowed on the surface by grooves, fibrous roots emanating an unpleasant and penetrating odor; under optimal conditions it can reach heights of about 150 cm.

The leaves are opposite and lack stipules, while The flowers are slightly fragrant and are found clustered together to form a particular type of inflorescence called a corymb.

In Phytotherapy and Herbalism, valerian roots are used to prepare products. These roots, with an unmistakable unpleasant smell, contain
essential oils
which in turn include several bioactive compounds.

valeriana pianta

The chemical composition of Valerian:

In phytotherapy the Lemon Balm is often used in the form of Mother Tincture to best extract its active ingredients, using its roots, which contain a phycomplex consisting of:

  • Moterpene compounds
    (borneol derivatives)

  • Sesquiterpene compounds
    (valerenic, valerenal, valeranone and beta-karyophyllene acids)

  • Alkaloids
    pyridines (valerianine, actinidine, alpha-methylpyrril ketone)

  • Essential oil
    (supoi main components include isovalerenic acid, isovalerate, valeranal, elemol, bornyl actate)
  • Caffeic acid and derivatives
  • Flavonoids

Working in synergy, the combination of these constituents is responsible for the properties and action of this remedy.

The drug of the Valerian plant is given from the underground organs (roots, rhizomes, stolons), rich in various compounds, which give its extract several beneficial properties.

Properties and benefits of Valerian:

La Valerian boasts anxiolytic and sedative properties given by the combination of its constituents and, in particular, to the valerenic acids. In fact, these compounds are able to act on the GABAergic control, act in particular on the regulation of the neurotransmitter GABA.

Because GABA is an inhibitory-type neurotransmitter, substances that increase the activity of GABAergic synapses depress the activity of the central nervous system., having a relaxing and anxiolytic effect

In addition, because valepotriates present in valerian root have spasmolytic action that can relax smooth muscles, the Valerian can also be useful in counteracting the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

The properties
sedative and anxiolytic
of Valerian have been confirmed by several studies, which is why use of the plant is widespread for the treatment of states of agitation and associated sleep disorders.

valeriana officinalis

Valerian Mother Tincture: ministerial claims:

Alcohol-Free Mother Tincture of Valerian
, o
Valerian Glyceric Macerate
, is a natural remedy for which these properties can be claimed:

  • Useful for sleep relaxation
  • Useful against anxiety and stress

All of these claims are regulated and approved by the Italian Ministry of Health for their physiological effects, aimed at “optimizing the body’s functions within homeostasis.”

Valerian Mother Tincture

Mother tincture (TM) is a liquid preparation, obtained by extracting the fresh drug by
with an appropriate solvent.

The solvent most used in mother tinctures is a hydroalcoholic solution (water + alcohol) with a variable alcohol content (most often between 60 ° and 80 °) depending on the solubility of the active ingredients to be extracted.

La Valerian Mother Tincture is an herbal preparation extracted from the leaves of Centella Asiatica, which are macerated in the 1:10 ratio in a solution of water and Alcohol. It is an herbal remedy believed to be useful for its anti-inflammatory, hypotensive and beneficial properties on vessels and connective tissue, and which is widely used in Phytotherapy.

tintura madre echinacea

Centella Glyceric Macerate: what it is

In recent years, Mother Tinctures extracted with the Vegetable Glycerin instead of Alcohol, which makes them better in several respects. In addition, since Glycerin is a less potent type of solvent and therefore less extractive than Alcohol, innovative extraction techniques are used, such as the‘Ultrasonic Extraction..

Ultrasonic extraction is an innovative, clean, quick and easy extraction technique that allows to
extract the active ingredients from plants and medicinal plants in particular and to make quality phytoextracts
, taking advantage of the exclusively mechanical action exerted by the cavitation effect produced by sound waves.

Valerian Mother Tincture
is obtained by hydroglyceric maceration of the aerial parts of Centella, again at a ratio of 1:10, and is an innovative type of Mother Tincture, which, having been obtained by the ultrasonic process, makes it better from several points of view.

We at Vonderweid, thanks to our 20 years of experience in the field of dietary supplements and after a long process of research and development in our laboratories for the production of
Non-alcoholic Mother Tinctures
, we have managed to obtain a product with the desired characteristics.

Our non-alcoholic mother tinctures are classified as.
Dietary Supplements
and are regularly notified to the
Ministry of Health

Valerian, how many drops to take?

For the intake of
Valerian drops
, we recommend the use of 40 drops dissolved

In a glass of water, 1-3 times a day.

Taking 40 drops of Vonderweid Centella Mother Tincture 3 times a day (120 drops total) is equivalent to taking 915 mg of Valerian.

Always remember Not to exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years of age. Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, and we always recommend the advice of your doctor or nutritionist before taking.

The advice, therefore, is to always consult your primary care physician before starting to take St. John’s Wort mother tincture, then consult a good herbalist or herbal medicine expert to determine how to take St. John’s Wort tincture and in what amounts.

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