Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera Plant


Cuttings of Aloe vera plants, 100% Italian and certified organic.

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We deliver Aloe Vera cuttings of adult plants from our organic open-air plantation,  ready to be planted in a vase to develop their roots. They come without soil nor vase.

Estimated delivery time: about 15 working days, depending on availability.

How to Care for Aloe Plants

Aloe is a quite strong, resistant plant. It can be placed outdoors for almost every month of the year, but it must be placed indoors before temperatures drops under 0°C. On the other side, it tolerates the heat splendidly.

The right amount of water depends on many factors, but usually a glass of water once or twice a week works fine. If in doubt, less is better: it is a fat plant, which can’t stand excessive nor stagnant water.

The only disease that could affect Aloe is cochineal infestation. Cochineal is a fungus, easily recognizable because it looks like very little, white cotton wads. To get rid of it, just spray a solution of water and organic alcohol (or grappa) at 50% on the plant, avoiding any chemical treatments.

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