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Don’t let wrinkles take away your smile, try our Collagen!

hydrolyzed marine collagen

Don't let wrinkles take away your smile, try our Collagen!

Wrinkles of expression are the result of our emotions.

Why do expression lines form? Are all wrinkles the same? How can expression lines be prevented and combated?


These are some of the fundamental questions regarding aging; in this article we try to understand how to prevent the formation and how to eliminate those premature wrinkles that form on our skin due to our expressiveness.

What are wrinkles? And why do they come there?

Wrinkles are changes in the skin. These alterations are the consequence of a structural damage to the collagen and elastic fibers of our skin.


The main causes of wrinkle formation are:


  • advancing age, or the “relaxation” of the skin that begins to manifest around the age of 30
  • excessive exposure to the sun
  • a “wronglifestyle, a very subjective question
  • the contractions of the face dictated by our expressions.


It is now also known with certainty that their appearance is earlier in smokers, in emotional people, in those who have a habit of exposing themselves to the sun a lot, more generally in all those who lead a “disorderly” life.

Did you know that the geography of wrinkles is also known to experts ?!


In fact, we know that the first to appear are wrinkles on the sides of the mouth, under the eyelids and on the forehead.


Expression wrinkles

What every dermatologist will tell us is that with a healthy diet and a “regular” life, by managing our sleep rhythms and sun exposure, we can prevent and delay the formation of wrinkles.


But no dermatologist in the world can ever advise us to avoid expressing our emotions, because life is unpredictable and because they are the most beautiful part of life. ❤️


So no one can prevent the appearance of expression lines: around the mouth, nose and eyes which, in fact, can also appear on a young face.


These wrinkles are the consequence of repeated gestures


These imperfections represent the living history of our emotions: from anger to amazement, to anxiety.

espressioni collagene

So, is it impossible to fight wrinkles?

Of course not! It is not impossible to fight wrinkles!


In fact, even if it is true that it is not possible to prevent the emotional component, today we know our skin in detail.


We know, for example, that in the propensity to have wrinkles there is still a hereditary component linked to genetic factors and we know the chemical elements that determine this phenomenon and we have finally discovered how to fight it.

What happens to our skin when wrinkles form?

If we look at our skin in detail, we realize that the skin is a fabric, and like all fabrics, to preserve itself it needs to be treated in the best possible way.

So we discovered that Fibroblasts are our factories of elastin, collagen and glycosaminoglycans, that is, the “sugars” of the skin.

These are the precursors of hyaluronic acid, which form the support matrix of the dermis, responsible for the turgid and full effect typical, for example, of the skin of the newborn.

The number of fibroblasts decreases with age and their reproductive capacity also slows down.

Except for the need for a “healthy” lifestyle, today we know that part of the formation process of wrinkles is linked to the reduction of substances such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.


For this reason, the integration of these elements can help us in the care of our skin, allowing us to delay the effects related to age or, as we have seen above, to the expression of our emotions.


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