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Colloidal copper, what is it and what is it used for?

colloidal copper

Colloidal copper, what is it and what is it used for?


Copper is the third most abundant essential trace element after iron and zinc. Present in different organs of our body, with greater quantities in the liver and brain. It can be found in some foods including, shellfish, oysters, and legumes.


Its presence in the body facilitates the absorption of iron. It is necessary to increase the formation of cross-links between collagen and elastin.


Essential to help maintain the elasticity of the skin and tissues. In fact, the right amount of copper within the body benefits tendons, ligaments and heart tissue.


It therefore plays an important role for the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system, the structure and function of the nervous system, as well as an essential role in the production of collagen.


In the colloid state, on the other hand, colloidal copper is made up of very fine copper particles suspended in pure bi-distilled water. When it is present in this state it is more easily assimilated.


By maximizing its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.




Copper is present in many of our organs, mainly:

  • Heart
  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Bones
  • Kidneys

Normally its intake is supplemented thanks to a good and careful varied diet.

However, it seems that certain important and useful functions can only exist in the presence of copper in the form of a particle – as in the case of colloidal copper.



Colloidal copper is a useful element for strengthening bones, nails and hair.
Among other things, it raises the immune system and also promotes a moderate antibacterial action.


It also plays an important positive role on the nervous system and brain activity.


Among other things, it is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin in red blood cells and in the metabolism of iron, thus boasting anti-anemic properties.


It helps relieve the ailments due to rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatism. Coupled with magnesium and manganese it promotes the formation of elastin, thus counteracting osteoporosis.


In summary, the integration of colloidal copper is particularly useful in the case of:


  • Anemia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bone demineralization
  • Arthritis
  • Hypercholesterolemia – neurological disorders
  • Reduced efficiency of the immune system
  • Weakness and hair loss
  • Difficulty of wounds to heal (scarring)
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability




Colloidal copper has an anti-inflammatory and restorative action.
Recent studies reveal that there is a correlation between heart disease and copper deficiency.



Having anti-inflammatory benefits, studies report that its supplementation is excellent for the treatment of rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, neck and back problems.



A severe deficiency of this mineral can lead to an increase in cholesterol with serious consequences for the heart.


Useful in neutralizing free radicals, which are the main culprits of physical and mental aging.

And it is also necessary for the good functionality of the enzyme useful for the formation of cross-links between collagen and elastin. Essential to help maintain the elasticity of the skin and tissues

Insomnia, stress, irritability

Thanks to its positive effects on the nervous system and brain activity

Immune system

Studies on Menke’s disease report serious deficits in the absorption and transport of copper in the intestinal tract, this has led researchers to argue that copper compounds can help in the prevention of some diseases.


The lack of copper within the body negatively affects various organs. Mainly it could cause iron deficiency anemia.

In general it is associated with a lack of collagen integrity, visible with:

  • Rupture of blood vessels
  • Osteoporosis
  • Anomalies affecting bones and joints
  • Brain alterations
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Weakening of the immune function

It is therefore a natural substance, with no added chemical additives. It is the most absorbable form by the body, difficult to integrate with the current diet, poor in nutrients and with countless benefits.


I hope I have been able to explain to you at least a little what colloidal copper is and what it is for, keep in mind that what I have listed are just some of its fantastic properties!


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