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Our “roots” – history of an Aloe company

aloe company

OUR ROOTS - History of an Aloe company

Today I thought I’d tell you our story a little, taking you on a tour of the company and thus allowing you to understand a little better what’s behind our products🌱


Let's start with a blast from the past!

The history of our company begins in 1997 (now more than twenty years ago!), when Maurizio de Vonderweid falls in love with this wonderful plant with countless benefits: ALOE.


In those years he opened the first association “Amici Aloe – Father Romano Zago”, which in a short time created its branches also in Milan and Turin, until the creation of an Italian Federation.


But at a certain point he realizes that it was too little: and it is there that he decides to start getting his hands dirty by cultivating the plant himself, with an experimental cultivation of Aloe Arborescens in his hometown, Trieste. Or rather: in the windy Trieste Coast.

In fact, at the time it was almost unknown and technology was not part of our daily life, finding studies and research to analyze it was therefore much more difficult than now.

Maurizio de Vonderweid, 1997

Maurizio de Vonderweid, 1997

Very soon, however, he realizes that the poor plant was having difficulty surviving, as it was used to hot and dry climates and could not resist temperatures below 0 ° degrees.


Therefore Maurizio, in 2000, took the decision to transfer the cultivation to Sicily, in Valderice (Trapani), a few meters from the sea, where it found ideal climatic conditions and an uncontaminated environment.


In fact, the ecosystem in which the plants grow is very important: necessary to ensure that the plants can produce a gel rich in nutritional values ​​and active ingredients.

Our open-air cultivation of Aloe Arborescens, in Sicily.

Starting with 500 plants, it then expanded thanks to the numerous requests from the market, thus reaching its current capacity of over 50,000 plants and the record of the largest open-air cultivation of Aloe in Italy.



Over the years it was then decided to further expand it with a new field, to give space to another variety of Aloe: Aloe Vera.


For 6 years now we have been carrying out the “Aloe Vera Made in Italy” project, at km 0.

We are currently the only company that..

1. Grow


3. Market


A totally organic and Italian Aloe Vera.


In this article I will tell you about its properties and benefits, try to check it out if you like! 😊




Coltivazione Vonderweid Aloe Vera biologica

VonDerWeid’s Cultivation- Organic Aloe Vera 

Proud to be Aloe BIO

In addition to the quality of the plant, we have always focused on the quality of cultivation.


In fact, from day one we are certified BIO and, like all Biological Operators, we are checked and evaluated twice a year, both in our cultivations in Sicily and in our laboratory in Trieste.


We firmly believe in organic farming, its objectives, its rigor and its respect for the environment, even if this means being more dependent on natural events (such as rains or droughts) and sometimes risking to obtain yields lower than those obtainable from a traditionally exploited field.

In case you want to learn more, I’ll explain it to you in this dedicated post 😊

But who takes care of all these Aloe plantations?

Sometimes it happens that life makes you meet the right person at the right time: with Giacomo, our “right-hand man”, it went just like that!


Giacomo is a Sicilian gentleman who at the time was a postman in Milan, known through a common friendship here in Trieste, who had recently inherited uncultivated land in the Trapani area.


And that’s exactly how the magic began ✨


It was around the year 2000 when Giacomo and Maurizio started go around the nurseries buying the Aloe they find, at the time only used as an ornamental plant.


Once selected, samples are taken and analyzed at the Trieste Research Area in order to choose the best ones.


At the time there was also no “cultivation manual” for this plant, so through trials and attempts we had to “invent” our way of cultivating it.


And it paid off! Do not you think?! 😍

With the growth of the cultivation Giacomo could no longer keep up with it, and so came Vito, known as UzzoVito (uncle Vito): a nice gentleman of about 60 years, defined by all as a force of nature!

When he too could not take it anymore, Amadou and his brother appeared, arrived from Libria after losing their family, but with an incredible will to live.


So we decide to hire them, and we haven’t separated since 2012!


Today the crops are in their hands, always under the supervision of our faithful Giacomo.

And after the harvest?

As you have certainly understood, we like to take care of the process of our products in its entirety, in fact in the company we take care of them 100%: from the cultivation of the raw material, to the harvest, to the analyzes, to the production and finally to the resale.


In doing so we have the certainty of being able to keep quality under control and therefore be able to offer the public a reliable product worked with care and passion.

The leaves are collected and sent to Trieste on a weekly basis, where they are cleaned and processed in our laboratory.

Not only Aloe!

Dedicating ourselves “only” to Aloe at a certain point was no longer enough for us .. and at that point we decided to also become beekeepers.

Thanks to our hives scattered in various strategic points of the Triestine Karst, we produce different varieties of certified organic whole honey, Propolis and Bee Pollen!

Le nostre api

As mentioned before, organic farming method is the basis for us!


This in fact does not allow any type of chemical treatment: particularly important in the fight against Varroa destructor, for which we only use natural products and family management techniques such as brood suspension.

By tasting our honey you will savor the love, passion and tradition that accompanies the VonDerWeid company, combined with the unmistakable taste of the Triestine Karst

Not only Honey!

As you will have understood, we do not like standing still!


In fact, for over 15 years we have also been passionate about Colloidal Solutions.


We were among the pioneers in this sector, starting with Silver and Colloidal Gold, up to the production of Copper and Mix, which includes all three.

To date, our company is one of the leading Italian companies for the production of colloidal products, through an innovative and qualitative production protocol, in partnership with the University of Trieste.

I hope I managed to make you feel a little part of our company, and to see you again soon!


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