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Muscle pain? Find a natural remedy that’s right for you!


Muscle pain? Find a natural remedy that's right for you!

In order to have a happy and balanced life, it is important to take care of yourself.

It is important to do this because, as we have been told since we were little, “life is one and it should not be wasted”.

But what does this mean? That we shouldn’t have fun? That we should “treat our body like a temple”? That we shouldn’t see friends or have a beer?

Of course not (although there’s nothing wrong with that)! What matters is finding the balance. Our balance.


The human body needs movement: physical activity helps to reduce the risk of pathologies and has positive effects on the mental health of the person.

But let’s see more specifically what are the advantages of sport on a physical level on health:

  1. Improves glucose tolerance, decreasing the risk of diabetes
  2. Moderate hormonal metabolism
  3. Helps keep muscles, bones and joints young by improving the function and structure of tendons and ligaments
  4. Promotes the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  5. Boosts the immune system
  6. Reduces blood pressure


Last but not least, it acts on weight loss!


But is that all? Is it important to do sport “only” for this?


The answer is no, improving the physical body is perhaps the least important part of physical activity. What really makes a difference when you start moving is your mental shift.


  1. It improves mood: the brain releases endorphins and seratonin, the hormones of happiness
  2. It helps you make friends: regardless of whether sport is individual or group, you will always find yourself surrounded by other people, most of the time with a passion in common with you
  3. It has a calming action on the nerves: physical exertion allows you to vent the frustration and nervousness accumulated throughout the day. If practiced in the morning, however, it helps to start the day in a more active and relaxed way
  4. It helps you to overcome your limits: it is a challenge against yourself, for yourself! You will see what satisfaction!
  5. It reduces anxiety and stress

  6. Clear your mind and help concentration, by stimulating creativity


It may happen that sport is associated with some physical problems and / or pain, especially if it is practiced without taking into account one’s abilities and physical possibilities or if the appropriate equipment is not used in the correct way.


What happens most often is that you experience muscle pain. The causes can be many:

  • Consequence of excessive effort
  • Real muscle tears
  • Lack of pre-activity warm-up
  • Inadequate stretching at the end of the activity


Supplements based on mineral salts and the intake of liquids are very useful in the event that the pain can be linked to cramps. It is in fact important to drink before, after and also during training.

When it comes to muscle pains such as back pain, contractures, pain caused by excessive effort, however, it is good to rely on some help. Always remaining in nature of course!

First of all:


In fact, arnica stands out for its ability to relieve pain with its anti-inflammatory effect and to promote healing from the most diverse injuries, from bruises and bruises to sprains that can be suffered when practicing a sport or even simply absentmindedly placing your feet on an uneven or unstable surface.

The active ingredients contained in arnica (flavonoids, triterpenes, sesquiterpene lactones such as helenaline and essential oil) give it anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, pain-relieving and circulation-stimulating properties.


Mint, thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory power, is an excellent ally to relieve cervical tension, menstrual pain, in case of sprains, muscle pain and rheumatism as it exerts an analgesic and antirheumatic action.


Excellent for relieving the discomfort of tendonitis and back pain.



Muscle pain: our solution

From the plants of our Italian organic crops, Artgel is born: a natural gel against joint inflammation, bruises, tears and muscle contractures.

Artgel is a gel based on unpasteurized Aloe Arborescens and Aloe Vera and retain all the properties of the freshly harvested leaf.

The gels are Italian from start to finish: our certified organic plants are grown in the open, under the Sicilian sun, and the gel is obtained from the leaves in our laboratories, with care and respect for the raw material.


is a gel based on Aloe Arborescens, organic Aloe Vera, Devil’s claw, Arnica montana and peppermint, which has always been renowned for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and toning properties.

Why Aloe?

because it contains a gel extremely rich in active ingredients, which nourishes the skin.

Devil’s claw and Arnica why?

because they are ancient remedies with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and toning properties.

Useful for relieving:

  • joint inflammation disorders,
  • bruises,
  • muscle tears and contractures

And also for pre and post training.

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Fantastic product, great smell and immediate action !!! Highly recommended
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Now essential for my training! The courier made a bit of chaos for the delivery, but the seller immediately activated to help me get the package on time.
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I feel better than any arnica cream that kneads and does not give effect. nothing miraculous but with a natural gel I think you can't have more
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Unmissable companion for my marathons !! Discovered thanks to a friend I can no longer do without it 😍
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I have back inflammation problems and with this product I immediately feel relief. The strong fragrance makes it very pleasant even in summer. Very fresh. I advise
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I had the sciatic nerve that was bothering me for a few days, I tried this product and it seems that the pain is gone .. the consistency of the gel is very good! It smells like mint
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Good product

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