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Peruvian maca, properties and benefits.

peruvian maca

Peruvian Maca
(Lepidium peruvianum G.Chacón, or Lepidum meyenii Walpers) is a plant belonging to the Brassicaceae family.


Also known by the names Andes Ginseng or Peruvian Ginseng, the
he pre-Columbian tribes considered it a true gift from the gods, and even today its root is used for health and wellness and as aSuperfood.



Let’s find out together.


Peruvian maca, properties and benefits.

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Maca, what is it?

The Andes Maca, also known as Peruvian maca, Peruvian maca and Peruvian ginseng, is a plant from the maca family Brassicaceae.



Its botanical name is Lepidium meyenii and it is a small herbaceous plant, considered a perennial because of its accumulating roots, and is part of the cruciferous plants (on par with cabbage, turnip, horseradish, radish, etc…)



Maca is grown as an annual plant and harvested approx. 7-9 months after being planted.


Its ideal habitat is on hostile soils, which tend to be poor and rocky with little oxygen, but it is also able to adapt to adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds and significant temperature ranges, intense sunlight during the day and in the night very cold temperatures.



Its root, a turnip-like tuber of about 5-7 cm, is edible and is used mainly for its many beneficial properties.

maca peruviana

Peruvian maca: where does it grow?

The Maca originates in the Andes, more specifically in the Andes Mountains of Peru and Bolivia, at a considerable height, between the 2500 and 5000 meters of altitude.

Maca Supplement

The Peruvian Maca Food Supplements are increasingly sought after, both in Pharmacies and Herbalist shops and in online sales channels.



You can find pure Maca Supplements, thus containing only the Maca Root Powder
, or Supplements that contain various ingredients including Maca.




These supplements, in fact, due to the presence of Maca, can boast these properties:



  • Useful for Metabolic Support Action
  • Useful as a Tonic – Adaptogen
  • Useful in cases of physical and mental fatigue

All of these claims are regulated
and approved by the Italian Ministry of Health for their physiological effects, aimed at “optimizing the body’s functions within homeostasis.”

radice di maca

The Properties of Maca:

The drug, 
plant or part of plant used after being properly processed, of the Maca plant consists of its root.



The root is in fact rich by essential amino acids (10,2%), minerals (soccer, iron, selenium, iodine, potassium, copper And zinc), vitamins (vitamine E, vitamin A, vitamin C And B vitamins), carbohydrates, acids fats And fibers.


In addition, maca also contains alkaloids, alkamides, unsaturated fatty acids and glucosinolates.



By virtue of its richness in macro- and micronutrients, the Maca possesses considerable nutritional value, which for Peruvian populations is comparable to that of our



In Italy, the dried root of Lepidium, is mainly used for its adaptogenic, immunostimulant antioxidants and aphrodisiac properties.

The Benefits of Maca:

Thanks to its components and active ingredients, the Maca benefits are attributed anti-stress and anti-fatigue, excellent when facing intense periods of work and physical exertion.



Its action Tonic – Adaptogen is in fact able to adapt the body to the various external conditions in which it finds itself, as well as being useful for strengthening for the immune system, helping the body to prevent and combat flu and fever states, coughs and colds.



Maca is also considered a Natural Aphrodisiac: It would appear that the phytosterols found in maca in fact help promote in men an increase in the number of spermatozoa and their motility.


The positive effects of maca then include a hypotensive and hypoglycemic action, useful in cases of high blood pressure and high blood sugar, and it is also considered an antioxidant and anti-aging supplement.


maca in polvere

Organic Maca:

There are also supplements on the market made from Certified Organic Maca, which is therefore grown to a high standard of quality, within a sustainable agricultural system that respects animals and soils, through the use of natural resources.



It means applying a production method aimed at sustainability and protection of the environment, land and natural resources. A product is defined as organic when the production processes are given by the exclusive use of organic materials, as long as they too meet the organic standard. In fact, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, additives and antibiotics are banned.

Maca Contraindications:

The Peruvian maca is considered safe but its use is contraindicated in cases of hypersensitivity or allergies to any of its components, in cases of hormone-sensitive diseases and liver disorders. The plant is also contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.



At normal doses of administration, Peruvian maca turns out to be a safe food and Integrator that is safe.



Thus, there appear to be no particular side effects of maca.

maca in capsule

BioMaca: Organic Food Supplement Made from MACA

Our supplement BioMaca in capsules contains. Peruvian Maca root, which VonDerWeid imports from Peru after careful and rigorous selection of producers.

certified organic
, it has a higher quality standard than conventional products.

It is sold in many Herbalist shops and Pharmacies in Italy →


Taking Maca supplements is recommended on a full stomach.

Peruvian maca is considered safe but its use is contraindicated in cases of hypersensitivity or allergies to any of its components, hormone-sensitive conditions, and liver disorders.

The plant is also contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation

Maca dietary supplements in powder or capsule form can be found in Herbalists and Pharmacies.

For the intake of Maca capsules, we recommend supplementing the normal diet with the use of 2 capsules per day, equal to 1 gram of Maca, to be ingested with a glass of water.

Maca can be found in powder form or in capsules.

The only difference between the two lies in how they are taken and dosed, the capsules more convenient to take as a supplement while the powder more convenient for food use to add as a spice in recipes.

Maca powder has a very distinctive and pungent flavor that oscillates between bitter and spicy, but it can be easily disguised by mixing it with other ingredients.

The recommended intake of Maca capsules is in the morning or early afternoon.

There is no difference between Maca in capsule and powder form.

The production process is the same and begins with the harvesting of this root and subsequent processing until a yellow/beige-colored powder is obtained.

The difference between the powder and the capsules is the added step of filling the cellulose capsules with the same gelatinized Maca powder.

Thus, the only difference is in the mode of intake and dosage: thee capsules are indeed more convenient to use as a supplement, while the powder is more convenient to use as a spice within recipes.


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