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Alcohol-free Pilosella Mother Tincture: what is it and what are its benefits?

pilosella mother tincture

La Pilosella Is a plant with numerous beneficial properties. It is especially valued for the characteristics that, when used in the form of glyceric macerate, make it an excellent ally especially for promote the fluidity of bronchial secretions.

Let’s find out together.

Alcohol-free Pilosella Mother Tincture: benefits and indications?

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Pilosella plant, what is it?

Pilosella(Hieracium Pilosella), also known as“Pelosella,”“Mouse Ears,” and“Cat’s Tongue,” is an herbaceous plant in the Compositae family (Asteraceae).

It differs from many similar herbaceous plants by its whitish down that covers the leaves.

pilosella tintura madre

What is Pilosella used for? Let's find out the benefits of Pilosella

Phytotherapy, the science that deals with the use of herbal medicines for the treatment of human diseases, attributes to the


anti-inflammatory andand diuretic properties.

La Pilosella is often recommended, as an ally, to fight asthma, bronchitis, cough due to its function of promoting of fluidity of branchial secretions.i.

Pilosella Mother Tincture:

Mother tincture (TM) is a liquid preparation, obtained by extracting fresh drug by
with a suitable solvent. The solvent most used in mother tinctures is a hydroalcoholic solution (water + alcohol) with a variable alcohol content (most often between 60 ° and 80 °) depending on the solubility of the active ingredients to be extracted.

Pilosella mother tincture is an herbal preparation extracted from the leaves and from the fruits of the plant, which are macerated in a 1:10 ratio in a solution of water and Alcohol. It is an herbal remedy believed to be useful to drain and detoxify the body.


Pylosella Glyceric Macerate: what is it?

In recent years, Mother Tinctures extracted with the
Vegetable Glycerin
instead of Alcohol, which makes them better in several respects.

In addition, since Glycerin is a less potent type of solvent and therefore less extractive than Alcohol, innovative extraction techniques are used, such as theUltrasonic Extraction.

Ultrasound Extraction is an innovative, clean, quick and easy extraction technique that allows the extraction of active ingredients from plants and medicinal plants in particular and the production of quality phytoextracts, taking advantage of the exclusively mechanical action exerted by the cavitation effect produced by sound waves.

Alcohol-free Pilosella Mother Tincture
is obtained by hydroglyceric maceration of Pilosella Herb, again at a ratio of 1:10, and is an innovative type of
Mother Tinctures
, which having been obtained by the ultrasonic process, makes it better from several points of view.

We at Vonderweid, thanks to our 20 years of experience in the field of Food Supplements and after a long process of research and development in our laboratories for the production of
Non-alcoholic Mother Tinctures
, we have managed to obtain a product with the desired characteristics.

Our non-alcoholic mother tinctures are classified as.
Dietary Supplements
and are regularly notified to the
Ministry of Health

Pylosella Glyceric Macerate: properties and indications


Alcohol-Free Mother Tincture of Pilosella

, o

Glyceric Macerate of Pilosella

, is a natural remedy for which properties such as:

  • Promotes drainage of body fluids
  • Promotes the fluidity of bronchial secretions


All of these claims are
by Italian Ministry of Health for their physiological effects,  aimed at “optimizing the body’s functions within homeostasis.”

passion and innovation

Our products


We recommend purchasing Pilosella Supplements in Mother Tincture form, even better if non-alcoholic, from specialized suppliers.

For taking Pilosella drops, we recommend using 20 drops for 2 to 3 times a day to be diluted in a glass of water.

We always recommend always consulting your primary care physician before starting to take Black Currant mother tincture, then turning to a good herbalist or herbal medicine expert to determine how to take Black Currant tincture and in what amounts.

It is best to avoid taking pilosella if you have a known or suspected hypersensitivity to the plant; it should be remembered that pilosella can cause allergic reactions especially in individuals sensitive to other plants in the Asteraceae/Compositae family including ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and daisies.

Alcohol-Free Mother Tincture of Pilosella
, o
Glyceric Macerate of Pilosella
, is a natural remedy that
promotes drainage
of body fluids and
promotes fluidity
Ofbronchial secretions.

All of these claims are
by Italian Ministry of Health for their physiological effects aimed at “optimizing the body’s functions in the context of homeostasis.”


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